Position in this job: CG Supervisor

VFX Company: Vetor Zero

Tasks accomplished:
-Divided the production process with Alceu Baptistão, one of the project's directors;
-Modeling of all sets and it's assemblies, rigging etc;
-Camera animation;
-Scene animations;
-Rendering of about 60% of the scenes;
-Lood Development of the props and set;


This video was produced by Vetor Zero for Brastemp. It was directed by Gabriel Nobrega and Alceu Baptistão.
So, what have I done in this one?

- Scene concepts:
The great majority of the 3D sets and their conceptual mechanisms were created by Gabriel Nobrega. Under his approval, I created two of them (the White and Final Red). The Black one at the ending was a mixed creation by us both. Nobrega and Baptistão solved a lot of scene transitions too.
I created the "walking lights" concept effect of the packshot.

- 3D Modeling:
I have done all the 3D modeling of the project.

-Rigging and Setup
I have made all the 3D rigging and setup of the project. This one was tricky, since all the sets had their own mechanisms, and had to function properly.

I have made the freezer's look dev. That was an easy task, since the clients have provided us some metal sheets with the real paintings for reference, and a real red freezer itself. Baptistão and I twiked some of the materials later for the super close shots.
The sets look dev were developed in scene by Baptistão and myself. We had to match the art idealization of the project's concept.

The main camera animations were made by Baptistão and Nobrega. Some of those animations needed tweaking over the main course, so I did some of them.

I had shared this position with Alceu Baptistão. We'd picked up some scenes (like, he made the Wine, Blue and Yellow, and I made the White, Red, Black and Packsot).

So, basically, the production was divided between Alceu and me. The post production was made by Guilherme Sarinho.



Film produced by Vetor Zero.

Directors: Gabriel Nobrega & Alceu Baptistão
Producer: Eve Weigel

3D Production: Rafael Segnini & Alceu Baptistão

Post Production: Guilherme Sarinho