© 2020 Rafael Segnini



Position in this job: CG Generalist - Modeling, Textures and Fur

VFX Company: Vetor Zero

Tasks accomplished:
-3D models, textures and shaders of the Salamito's armors;
-3D models, textures and shaders of props (flags, spears etc);
-3D models, textures and shaders of the background castle;
-3D models, textures, shaders and grass for the final park scene;
-3D models, textures and shaders of the catapult;



I had made the Salamito's armors (the models as the textures, shaders, fur and lookdev), the background castle (model, textures and shaders), lots of props (like the flags, catapult), the final scene environment (models, textures, shaders and lookdev).

This one has been modified for the final version as I had to migrate to other project.

I also made the Salamito character (the one that looks like a salami), but in the end the client decided to use the model that the publicity agency made before the project for print purposes. It hasn't changed that much, so it's almost like that.




Film produced by Vetor Zero.

Gabriel Nobrega


Executive Production:
Sergio Salles
Alberto Lopes

Client Services:
Marcia Guimaraes
Camila Carrieri

Sound Production:


Cristiane Santos

Production Coordination:
Fabio Truci

CG Supervision:
Reinaldo Furegato

Antonio Soares Neto
Marcos Felix

3D Modeling:

Felipe Bassi
Rodrigo Paulicchi
Diego Esteves
Rafael Segnini
Filipe Lopes

Rigging and Setup:
Viviane Adade
James do Carmo

Helio Takahashi
Bruno Carvalho
Jannaina Bonacelli
Renato Sena
Mallo Ryker
Diego de Paula
Derek Henriques
Nicolas Nasser
Victor Dinis
Rodrigo Souza
Marcio Nicolosi

Texture Artists:

Naiara Lima
Michel Venus
Rafael Nascimento

Look Development:
Mauricio Trivelin
Igor Colaiacovo
Marinho Silva

Lighting/ Rendering:

Mauricio Trivelin
Igor Colaiacovo

Eduardo Lima

Giovani Meneghel
Aline Lima
Claudia Fujiwara

Crowd Simulation:

Rosenio "Rosy" Pinto

Concept Artists:

Marcos Felix
Antonio Soares
Rafael Nascimento
Rodrigo Paulicchi