Position in this job: CG Generalist - Modeling, Textures and Cloth Simulation

VFX Company: Vetor Zero/ Lobo

Tasks accomplished:
-On set assistance (co CG Supervising);
-3D models and textures of the car seats (00:18);
-3D models and textures of the gearbox (00:25);
-3D models and cloth simulation of the airbags (00:18)



On set, I co-supervised (together with Cleverson Leal) the effects team. With the main supervisor, I could gather the HDRI infos, plates and references pictures, and made sure that all the lens and camera infos could be obtained for the 3D tracking.

Later, in the production pipeline, I was able to model a lot of parts of the car itself. First, were the airbags. Later, the gear box (that one was though) and also a piece of the multimedia display. I believe I'd done the animation of those scenes too.
The 3D seats were needed to make the integration of the airbags look real.

In the end, I had modeled the set too (with it's measures) to fit into the 3D tracking.
The production team on this one was short, and it is amazing what we could manage to do in a short deadline!
At this time, I was learning from Cleverson how to make things work flawlessly, and that's what he did - a flawless work. 



Film produced by Vetor Zero/ Lobo.


Vetor Zero

Executive Production: 
Alberto Lopes
Sergio Salles

Production Crew:
Vetor Zero

Mateus de Paula Santos
Nando Cohen

CG Supervision: 
Cleverson Leal

Art Direction: 
Marcelo Reginato

3D Modeling: 
Marcos Smirkoff 
Rafael Segnini
Danilo Enoki
Filipe Lopes

3D Rendering:
Marinho Silva 
Igor Colaiacovo 
Thiago Peretto

Cleverson Leal 
Rafael Segnini

Final Cut: 
Poliana Martins

Sound Production:
Lua Nova

Anna Di Giacomo