Position in this job: CG Generalist - Modeling and Textures

VFX Company: Vetor Zero

Tasks accomplished:
-3D modeling of 4 emoticarsl;
-Textures of some of the emoticars;
-3D models and textures of scene props;



The Emoticar, created for the Dentsu for the campaign of the Toyota Etios 2015, is the counterpoint of the strategy of communication of the mark. 

It is always bad and unhappy in the transit, in contrast of the satisfied proprietors of automobiles of the mark. With the concept “You have more to discover”, the campaign of launching of Etios 2015 highlights the mesmice (sameness) of the cars in the transit of the cities.

I had the opportunity to develop and model 4 emoticars and all the objects they have in common (Uv mapping too etc). My friend Danilo Enoki helped me with a 5th model, and made the textures of most of them.

I was appointed to help them with modeling/ lighting TD/ Look dev in this one, but I had to supervise another job with Alceu Baptistao, so I had to be pulled out. No worries, as long both of projects are awesome! You might see some of my abilities as 3D modeler.