Position in this job: CG Supervisor

VFX Company: Vetor Zero/ Vetor Filmes

Tasks accomplished:
-Coordination of the entire 3D production team assigned for this project;
-VFX supervision on practical set;
-Modeling of some characters;
-Textures of all the characters;
-Problem-solving for the character transforming steps;
-Look Dev; of all characters;
-Animation of some objects, like the box in the beginning;
-Scene's final corrective and fail-proof assembly;



Faber-Castell produces over 2 billion pencils every year, and is one of the world’s largest office supply companies. Applying the principle of social responsibility towards business partners and the community, and prioritizing the continuous search for ecological processes and materials that contribute to the conservation of the planet, Faber-Castell put out a line of eco-friendly pencils made of 100% reforested wood. To advertise the product, the company launched an app and campaign called “Endless Forest,” created by David agency. The ads were produced by Vetor Zero, and the apps developed by VZLab.



Director: Luiz Evandro

VFX/CG Supervisor: Rafael Segnini

Producers: Eve Weigel and Michelle Vinotti

Conceptual Art:
Felipe Jornada
Raquel Fernandes

3D Modeling team:
Rafael Ghencev (and team)
Natan Zunaci
Marcel Fukuwara
Bruno Coimbra
Rodrigo Paulicchi
Diego Esteves

Animation Lead (film): Marcio Nicolosi

Animation Lead (app); Daniel Alvite

Animators team:
Rodrigo Souza
Renato Sena
Ronaldo Brito

Setup and rigging lead: Viviane Adade

Setup and rigging team:
Flavio Castello
Joaquim Luciano Nazario

3D Rendering: Marinho Silva

Post Production team:
Carlos Campos
Guilherme Sarinho
José Eduardo Ambrósio

Also thanks Naiara Lima and Isabela Littger for the help with the textures.