Position in this job: CG Supervisor
VFX Company: Vetor Zero

Tasks accomplished:
- Supervision of the production crew;
- Modeling of the pilot/ engineer;
- Modeling of the circuit;
- Modeling of some of the props;
- Modeling of the blade part of the shaver;
- Texturing of the circuit and character (first version);
- Lighting of some scenes;
- Rendering of some of the scenes;



This is a promotional video that Vetor Zero made for Gillette.

The video was directed by Alceu Baptistão, and the designs (clothes, car paints) made by Bruna Imai.

So, my position on this one was CG Supervisor. I helped the director with this task.



Film produced by Vetor Zero

Director: Alceu Baptistão & Gabriel Nobrega
CG Supervisor: Rafael Segnini
Rigging/ Setup: Viviane Adade

Assist Rendering: Vanderlei Zafa

Modelers: Bruno Saber & Marcos Smirkoff