Position in this job: CG Supervisor

VFX Company: Vetor Zero/ Vetor Filmes

Tasks accomplished:
-Coordination of the 3D production team assigned for this project;
-Model adjustments and enhancements;
-Look development of the cars and characters;
-Scene assembly and set modeling;
-3D lighting and rendering of the entire project;



Silver Cannes Lions Winner 2019


Leforte is the official hospital of the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix, which will take place in November 9-11, 2019, at the Interlagos Circuit. The institution will be responsible for providing medical services to drivers and their crews during the event.
To strengthen this association between the hospital and motor sports, McCann Health agency and Lobo/Vetor Zero created a film that remembers an extraordinary moment in Formula One history that happened almost 27 years ago. During Friday’s qualifying session for the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps circuit, French driver Érik Comas had a monumental crash at the Blanchimont turn which knocked him out. The first to approach the scene was Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna, who disregarded all F1 safety protocols by switching his engine off and going out of his car, rushing to help his colleague. Senna switched Comas’ engine off, preventing a potential explosion, and held his head in a stable position until medical assistance arrived on the scene.

This film innovates by telling this story of courage and heroism under the point of view of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit itself, including the voiceover. All the action is seen from below, as if the camera was positioned underneath the semi-transparent racetrack. After an introductory sequence that mixes live action footage and stop motion animation, the main part of the film combines 3D animation, motion graphics and traditional 2D animation to portray this dramatic sequence of events in an elegant, subtle and artistic way.



Director: Gabriel Nobrega

Producer: Eduardo Silva, Ricardo Vaz

CG Supervisor/ Look Dev/ Render: Rafael Segnini

Director/Motion Design: Diogo Kalil

Art Direction: Diego Coutinho de Souza

Character Modeler: Marcelo Nilo

Vehicle Modeler/ 3D Scan: Marcos Smirkoff

Simulation Effects: Rogério Miyagi

Simulation Effects Advisor: Edivaldo Souza

Motion Graphics: Mauricio Reis, Francisco Beraldo, Rudi Gude

Motion Graphics Assistant: Julia Góes

2D Art: Wilson Panassi

R&D: Filipe Lopes, Gabriel Valderramos

Look Dev/ Render: Thiago Peretto de Souza

Supervisor/ Render: Mauricio Lobel

Animation: Raphael Vinicius Silva, Jorge Zagatto Neto

Composição: Leandro Pena, Diogo Girondi, Jorge Pereira

Director of Photography (Charcoal filmed parts): Lucas Andrés Barreto