Position in this job: CG Generalist - Modeling, Textures and Camera Layout/ Animation

VFX Company: Vetor Zero

Tasks accomplished:
-3D model of the eye that turns into a mountain;
-Displacement and animation of the eye X mountain transformation;
-Textures and shaders of the mountain eye scene;
-Rendering of the mountain eye scene;



This was a insert Ads project for Mitsubishi.

I'd worked on the the second vignette. I had almost done the entire 3D elements there.
First, I created an eye texture that could look god when turned into a mountain.

Then, I'd created the mechanism to do it, with live texture displacement visible in the viewport (at that time, there were no tools to natively do it).

When it was accomplished, I begun to animate the camera. I knew that a filmed car would be inserted in post-production, so I had to be careful with the camera positions.

At this point, I had an idea on where the mountains would be positioned for the camera  close up. The eye-mountain looked good when seen by the top, but when the camera got close by the end of the scene, we could see that the resolution of the model was not good enough for that.
So, I had extracted the piece of that model that would appear in the close up, and based on it I'd made a new 3D mountain in Z-Brush that would replace the original model after the camera approach.

After all this was approved by the director, I begun to work in the scene rendering.
By the end of the project, Igor Colaiacovo managed to tweak some settings and set the AOVs.



Ricardo Carelli


CG Supervision:
Cleverson Leal

3D Generalists:

Rafael Segnini
Danilo Enoki

3D Rendering:

Igor Colaiacovo

Client Services:

Marcia Guimaraes
Camila Carrieri

Audio (repertory version):

Paulo "PB" Beto