Position in this job: CG Supervisor (together with Danilo Enoki)

VFX Company: Vetor Zero/ Vetor Filmes

Tasks accomplished:
-Co-coordination of the entire 3D production team assigned for this project;
-VFX supervision on practical set;
-Modeling of previz smartphones and proxies used for simulations;
-Tracking of two scenes;
-Camera and object animations for the demo scene (liquid  metal) and packshot;
-Different Look Dev versions of the smartphones (Shading);
-Lighting and rendering of some scenes and the packshot;



A new generation of Lenovo's Moto G is coming to the stores - The new G5. So, Vetor Filmes and Vetor Zero worked together to bring a high quality advertisement video for Motorola/ Lenovo.
As we had one month to deliver a very complex 60 second movie, was decided that this project needed two experienced CG supervisors. Danilo Enoki and I worked together, and that was a very nice experience.

All the production and post-production team worked very hard to deliver this high quality product.