Position in this job: CG Generalist - Modeling, Textures and Pre-Shading

VFX Company: Vetor Zero

Tasks accomplished:
-3D modeling of the Tunnel;
-3D modeling of the metal hero's armor (80%);
-3D textures of the metal hero's armor (all of them);
-Previs presentation of the metal hero character;
-Pre shading of the metal hero character;



This is the latest Nissan campaign advertisement video for "Sentra" car.

What I did in this project?

Helped develop the wind tunnel visuals. After that, I made the 3D model.
Guto Sposito (VZ's Senior 3D Modeler) modified it and made it's textures to fit the director's view (Nando Cohen).


This one is a long story.
We were presented by a concept art by Rodrigo Idalino. After that, this model needed 3 artists to be finished in a record time of almost two weeks..
Guto Sposito made a super low resolution proxy for us to work in the same scale. 
Then, I began to work in the neck and torso models. I had to create his back entirely because it was't visible in the concept art. Those parts needed to fit very well because it would assemble on the actor's filmed body.
Sposito would focus on the helmet, that needed special attention and care. Bruno Saber (also a VZ's senior 3D modeler) modeled the arms and hands.
After that, I jumped to the pelvis, legs and boots. I had to create a lot of those parts too, because they had to work well when animated. My idea here was to make functional joints and parts instead of deformable armor (that would look very fake). As soon those parts were finished, I had to modify some details of the arms, like the jointing parts and lava tubes.
When the model was completely finished, I made all the models textures using Substance Painter, which helped me to save a lot of time. Later, Marinho Silva (Light TD) modified the shoulders textures and added the logo bump in the chest's center piece.

In part 2, a better focus on the armor model.




Film produced by Vetor Zero.


Nando Cohen
Ricardo Carelli

Executive Production:
Sergio Salles
Alberto Lopes
Francisco Puech

Art Direction: 
Marcos Cavalheiro

Photography Direction:
Pedro Cardillo

Kaue Kabrera

Client Services: 
Thais Lopes

Production Coordenation: 
Maisa Mendonca

CG Supervision: 
Fabio Shigemura

Audio Production:
A9 Audio

Modeling and Textures:
Guto Sposito
Rafael Segnini


Viviane Adade
Joaquim Luciano Nazario

Marcio Nicolosi
Daniel Alvite
Victor Diniz
Michael Marin
Mallo Ryker
Diego de Paula

Graphic Design:

Felipe Frazao

Render/ Lookdev:
Marinho Silva
Igor Colaiacovo

Michel Martins Zigaib
Alessandro Barbosa


Guilherme Sarinho
Saulo Silva
Thiago Vilas Boas
José Marcelo Santos

Color Grading:

Cassiana Umetsu