Position in this job: VFX/ CG Supervisor
VFX Company: CG9 VFX (Formerly Supercluster)

Tasks accomplished:
Cruzer's helmet redesign;
Cruzer's helmet 3D model, textures, shaders;
Cruzer's chest piece redesign;
Guron Base's redesign;
Guron Base's 3D model, textures, shaders;
Fornax concept;
Fornax 3D model, textures, shaders;
Fornax tunnels and cockpits 3D model, animations, textures and shaders;

Aside of the 3D models and Look Development of them, I also made the 3D rendering of the entire movie and coordinated the animation team that came to help us. All the scenes that I did entirely in the production part, Broki fully made the post production and composition himself. Some of the beginning scenes needed match moving, so I did. Some of them needed me to help with the animation, which I also did. 

Decoupage from the Youtube video, listing my work:

0:28 - the entire scene;
0:31 - 3D camera matchmoving, animation, scene rendering;
0:33 - 3D camera matchmoving, animation, scene rendering;
3:08 - animation, element rendering;
3:33 to 3:56 - the entire scenes;
3:57 - scene setup, camera animation;
4:00 - the entire scene;
4:04 - animation, scene rendering;
4:08 - animation, scene rendering;
4:12 - acting myself on set as a animation reference for the robot, scene rendering;
4:16 - scene rendering;
4:18 - animation, scene rendering;
4:20 - animation, scene rendering;
4:30 - element rendering;
4:32 - the entire scene;
4:33 - scene rendering;
4:49 - the entire scene;
4:52 - the entire scene (the hero there is put in the post-production);
5:41 - the entire scene. Here Broki made a really cool collage with the elements I gave to him!



This one took almost an year to accomplish, and a very big effort from all the crew.
The music video was directed by Fabiano Broki and Ariel Wollinger. My function was like a second director, as CG supervisor. I was on set helping the directors with the practical - 3D space integration, as gathering visual and spacial information for that purpose.

Broki contacted me because of the Juspion 3D personal project. He knew that I was deeply inserted in the Tokusatsu genre, and Ariel also had tried contact with me several years ago because of the same project. So, initially I was invited to join the team without any known function.



I was presented with the initial hero's concept art created by Alessandro Fonseca (who created basically all characters of the film), which had been approved by Ricardo Cruz and Ariel. The character name would be Cruzer to resemble Cruz's name.

By analyzing deeply this inicial concept, I realized the design was too anime-like and the proportions wouldn't work in a practical/ 3D/ real world way. So I presented the client and the directors a totally new design, picking up some elements they'd like in the previous version. The helmet was immediately approved. They also loved the new costume design, but not only it was too complex to make, but Fonseca had already produced one based on the original concept. To solve some design issues, I rearranged the armor's chest elements for a better look.

All the practical costumes were made by Alessandro Fonseca but the helmet, that was made by Eduardo Augusto.
The final 3D version of Cruzer can be seen in the Juspion 3D last short.


Fabiano Broki built the first enemy ship based on a concept art of himself. I picked up this concept, remodeled and reinvented the thing. It had a super crystal underneath to shoot a deadly laser, but that wasn't used in the music video.



The idea was to make a ship that resembled a sound system. It also needed to transform into a combar mecha. We had two weeks to finish the film.
After the greenlight from Broki and Ariel, I begun modeling what I had scratched. 
In 2 days I had a totally funcional transformer, with textures and shaders, and that's why it is so simple.
Viviane Adade and James do Carmo worked together to rig the character (not the ship transforming - this was made animating groups of pieces in FK by myself in a real hardcore/ old school way).



Film produced by CG9 VFX (formerly Supercluster), with support from O2 Films.
3D Effects produced by CG9 VFX, with support from Vetor Zero and Lobo.

Film Production

Directors: Fabiano Broki & Ariel Wollinger
First Assistant Director: Thomas Veit
VFX/CG Supervisor: Rafael Segnini
Production Designer: Alessandro "Von Victor" Fonseca

Photography Director: Andréia de Marchi
Photography Director Assistant: Lucas Barreto

Camera Department:
Lucas Barreto
Stefano Capuzzi Lapietra
Pedro Tejada
Luis Augusto Correa
Robert Nakabayashi
Allan Almeida

Heroe's helmet (main prop): Eduardo Augusto
Production Assistant: Luiz Neme 
Production Assistant/ Translator: Henrique Dan Fuzitani

Digital Image Technician: Victor Pollini

Make up: Dri Chepezan
Dress Maker: Carolina Piedade

Studio Manager: Fernando Lopes
Studio Assistant: Maurão
Unit Driver: Maurício Manzieri



Editing and Compositing: Fabiano Broki
Additional Compositing Crew:
Claudio Bueno
Jefferson Ietto Novo
Pepeu Sorrentino
Rafael Martinelli

Colorist/ Color Grading: Andréia de Marchi

3D Lead Artist: Rafael Segnini

Additional Modeling: Radamés Araujo
Additional Animation Crew:
Bruno Hamzagic
Victor Diniz
Nicolas Nasser
Alexandre Martins

Lead Rigging/ Character Setup: Viviane Adade
Rigging/ Character Setup Assist: James do Carmo

Artistic crew and casting
Galactic Warrior Cruzer: Hiroshi Watari
Galactic Warrior Cruzer (in armor): Gutemberg Lins
Black Higen: Cauê Moura
General Victor: Alessandro "Von Victor" Fonseca
Mekraken: Alexsander Salas Rodrigues (and also another very known friend who didn't want to appear here :P)
Groyz Soldier #1: Alexsander Salas Rodrigues
Groyz Soldier #2: Jardel Fernando de Oliveira
Groyz Soldier #3: Ruam Hiroshi Yshii
Groyz Soldier #4: Eric Rubin de Freitas
Groyz Soldier #5: Vinicius de Moraes Gregorutti
Groyz Soldier #6: Ricardo da Silva Sobreira
Attacked Guy: Henrique Dan Fuzitani
Pilot Girl from the unreleased short film: Frana Ayumi
All stunts performed by Action Kung Fu