Juspion Helmet model. Second version, produced in 2018 for the teaser "Juspion 3D - Daileon Assembly".
This helmet was produced after extensive research, also using a 3D scan from the S.H. Figuarts figure.


What is shipped with this .zip bundle:

  • A Maya 2020 scene file containing the helmet model and a simple rig. Scene updated for V-Ray for Maya 5;
  • A Maya 2020 scene file containing the helmet model with standard Blinn materials;
  • A FBX file containing the helmet model. You'll be able to open this file in 3DS Max, Z-brush, Blender and other programs;
  • Full set of UDIM (Multi-tiled) textures for V-Ray. For other render plugins, the user will need to manipulate the files.

Juspion Helmet V2 [2018]

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